Weekend at the Museum: The Way We Worked

The holiday season is the time of giving.  It is also the time for us to appreciate our lives and be grateful for what we have.  This week I share with you the transformation of the workplace from the mid-19th to late 20th century.  The photographs in this exhibit document clothing, locales, conditions and conflicts experienced  in workplaces over time.  This National Archives exhibit honors the men and women who built this country and the distinctiveness of America’s workforce.  Click on the image below to visit the online exhibit.

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  1. cj madigan says:

    Thanks for the link, Maureen. What a great exhibit. I find clankety-clank factory production lines fascinating and I did a brief stint as a PBX switchboard operator in the 60s – it didn’t go very well so I was reassigned. ; -/

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