Thanksgiving Greetings

On the back of this postcard is an address: Mr. Lou White, Sea Bright, New Jersey.  If you’ve never been there, I can tell you that Sea Bright is a lovely seaside town littered with beach clubs. Many of the houses in the area were around when Mr. White lived there.  A simple note: From Henrietta appears in the “For Correspondence” side of the card.  The postmark states that the postal service canceled the stamp on November 29, 1911 in New York, New York.

I haven’t researched Henrietta’s identity, but it’s possible this card was on it’s way to Louis White who according to the 1900 Federal Census lived in Shrewsbury Township, New Jersey.  He was 88 years of age.

President William Howard Taft declared November 30, 1911 as Thanksgiving Day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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