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Hiring a Professional Photographer

There are times in our lives when we hire a professional photographer to document important events like weddings or formal family portraits. But how can you tell if they are following procedures to ensure the longevity of your images? You can start by asking a few simple questions.

These Questions may Include:

  • What type of photo paper do they use and how long does it last?
  • Do they water process or chemically process their prints?
  • How long do they store their negatives?
  • Do they use lacquer to coat the photograph or to create texture?
  • Is the photo studio going to frame the prints?

Hiring a professional photographer can be a stressful experience. You never want to worry about someone ruining the most important milestones of your life. Preserving Your Family Photographs can help guide you to hiring the right photographer. The book details the questions above as well as investigating some frequently asked questions that only a professional can answer.