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Dartmoor Prison and Rhode Island

I’m not sure how many folks know that in addition to my love of photographs, I follow all things related to my birth state of Rhode Island.  Long before I became the Photo Detective, I wrote about and researched The Ocean State history and genealogy.  When I was in England in February for Who Do You Think You Are Live, Audrey Collins of the U.K. National Archives gave a small group of us a tour of the archives.  She put a few documents on display including land records for Rhode Island and a ledger for prisoners incarcerated at Dartmoor Prison during the War of 1812.   Several of them were from (you guessed it) Rhode Island!  I could easily have spent days transcribing those names.  I quickly asked for a pencil and jotted down a few of them.  So if you have Rhode Island ancestry that saw service during the War of 1812, you might find your many times great grandfather on this list.

Abel Waite   26  Taken prisoner in the Irish Channel

Thomas Thompson 24

Henry Lovett 20  An African American sailor

Aaron Peter  21  Died at Dartmoor

Simon Berdick 27  (I’m guessing that this is a variant spelling for Burdick)

Ebenezer Brown  19

Sorry I didn’t have time to write down all the information on these men, but there are additional details in those ledgers relating to date of capture and release and the name of the ship on which they served.