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Weekend at the Museum: Portrait of Black Chicago

“From June through October 1973 and briefly during the spring of 1974, John H. White, a 28-year-old photographer with the Chicago Daily News, worked for the federal government photographing Chicago, especially the city`s African American community.”

The online exhibit, found HERE, shows pictures that White took for the EPA’s DOCUMERICA project 1971-77. The project paid photographers $150 plus expenses to go out and capture “subjects of environmental concern.” It presents a rich documentary of scenery and suburban sprawl, life on Indian reservations, small Midwestern towns and inner cities. The photographers of these images received full credit for their work in this government program.

I encourage you to visit the online exhibit and experience the awesome work of John H. White who was tasked with photographing Chicago in 1977. He won numerous awards for his work. The most prestigious award being the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography in 1982.