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Battle of Bull Run, 21st of July 1861

The Honorable Alfred Ely of Rochester, New York who served in the House of Representatives supported the Union effort in the Civil War and helped raise troops. He was at Bull Run on July 21, 1861, not as a soldier but as a spectator. Taken prisoner by Confederates on the scene, Ely spent six months at the infamous Libby prison at Richmond, Virginia. After his release he wrote the Journal of Alfred Ely, A Prisoner of War in Richmond.

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Think of Female Wartime Participants This Memorial Day

Mary Walker, Civil War Surgeon. Courtesy of the Library of Congress

This Memorial Day, take time to remember the actions some of the women in your family.  Mary Walker was the only woman in her class at the Syracuse Medical School. She graduated in 1855 and married another physician in 1856. She was a woman ahead of her times. Mary kept her maiden name after marriage and usually wore this utilitarian outfit of pants with a short dress.  This style of reform dress was considered healthier for women, but it must have been useful when tending soldiers injured in battle.  When Mary tried to enlist for the Civil War, she was rejected.  She volunteered instead serving as a surgeon.  Mary Walker earned the Congressional Medal of Honor for that service.


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Weekend at the Museum: Mapping Colonial America has an online exhibit called Mapping Colonial America.  The interactive display takes you through a chronological tour of colonial maps from the Colonial Williamsburg’s collection dated from 1587 to 1782.

The online exhibition looks at maps relating to colonial discovery, exploration, boundary disputes, navigation, trade, the French and Indian War, and the Revolutionary War. The exhibition features a zooming tool allowing a close look at map details, a glossary of terms, and a timeline of major events in history that occurred near the date a particular map was drawn.

Visit the exhibit HERE