Great Opportunity from Maureen Taylor

This is Maureen Taylor, The Photo Detective, with a great offer to help you solve some of your family’s photographic riddles and also allow you to participate in a unique project. I’m bringing the photos I’ve uncovered of people from the Revolutionary War era for The Last Muster into a film that will put faces on the people who fought for America’s freedom!

I’ll provide you with a 15-minute recorded phone consultation on up to three photos that may have stumped your family for years if you pledge $50 to our Kickstarter Campaign. Since this is an all-or-nothing platform, our donors pay ONLY if we reach our goal of $27,500 by April 10th, just about 15 days away.  But I believe so deeply in the project that I’m guaranteeing you the consultation for your pledge alone. If we reach our goal (we’re almost halfway there) you’ll also receive a set of The Last Muster note-cards.

Please go to the link below to watch our four-minute trailer that will entice you to make a pledge. I’d love it if you share this link with your friends and family, too..

Once you’ve made your $50 pledge, send me your receipt ( so I can schedule a telephone consultation and explain how to get your photos to me. Become a part of this important project and enjoy The Photo Detective’s expertise on a personal level by responding today!

To see more of the images and learn more about the project, you can also visit

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