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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are questions I’m commonly asked.   Click the “+” sign next to the question to get the answer!   If you have a question and don’t see it featured on this page please submit it through my Ask Maureen page.

What Kind of Scanner Does Maureen Use?

Maureen actually has three different scanners, all which are designed to safely scan historical photographs.  For her office, she has an Epson v500 flatbed scanner that sits on her desk within easy reach and it provides very high resolution for a very reasonable price. She also has another Epson that fits in a small rolling suitcase for visiting clients. For longer distance travel, she has a Flip-pal scanner which fits in her carry-on bag.

What does archival mean?

Archival is not an industry standard term. All it means is a product is used in an archive or library. Look for specific terminology such as acid and lignin free, non-pvc or polyester plastic.  Also look for products that have passed the P.A.T. or Photographic Activity Test, a sign that a product is safe to use with photographs.

Where can I buy archival quality storage containers, etc..?

You should look for acid and lignin-free and non-PVC plastics when shopping for envelopes, mounting papers, storage boxes and other items.  Sources for these types of products are:

How can I tell different photograph types apart?

Use this handy table to note the key differences between the types of photographs from the 1800s.

Historical photographs guide