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National Museum of American History – July 1942: United We Stand

The Smithsonian featured an exhibit reflecting on the slogan “United we stand.”  It was really cool.  Marking the 60th anniversary of the United We Stand campaign, the museum had over 100 original magazine covers presented.  Even if you missed the live exhibit, there is a great online tour with the history of the campaign and a gallery of covers.  Here’s a little insight into the exhibit from the website.

“DURING JULY 1942, seven months after the United States entered World War II, magazines nationwide featured the American flag on their covers. Adopting the slogan United We Stand, some five hundred publications waved the stars and stripes to promote national unity, rally support for the war, and celebrate Independence Day.

FOR MAGAZINE PUBLISHERS, displaying the flag was a way to prove their loyalty and value to the war effort. For the U.S. government, the campaign was an opportunity to sell bonds and boost morale. The magazines brought home a message of patriotism and ideals worth fighting for.” READ MORE HERE

Bob Hope and American Variety

What a great exhibit honoring Bob Hope at the Library of Congress.

“Bob Hope was among the 20,000 vaudeville performers working in the 1920s. Many of these performers were, like Hope, recent immigrants to America who saw a vaudeville career as one of the few ways to succeed as a “foreigner” in America. Throughout his extraordinary professional career of nearly seventy years, Bob Hope practiced the arts he learned in vaudeville and perpetuated variety entertainment traditions in stage musical comedy, motion pictures, radio, television, and the live appearances he made around the world in support of American armed forces. Today, the stage variety show is mostly a memory but its influence is pervasive thanks to the long and rich careers of vaudeville veterans like Bob Hope.”

If you happen to be in Washington D.C., the library is a worthy stop.  Visit the website to check out all the cool exhibits.

The Field Museum: Chocolate Exhibit

From rainforest treasure to luscious treat—immerse yourself in the story of chocolate.

A gift for the gods. A symbol of wealth and luxury. An economic livelihood. Bonbons. Hot fudge. Candy bars. For thousands of years humans have been fascinated with the delicious phenomenon that we call “chocolate.”

Journey through history to get the complete story behind the tasty treat that we crave in Chocolate, an exciting new exhibition developed by The Field Museum.

To learn more about the exhibit, Visit the Field Museum website.