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An Event You Are Not Going to Want to Miss!

Fieldstone Commons: Maureen is this week’s guest

Hope you listen in this week. I’m Marian Pierre-Louis’ guest on her blog talk radio show.  You could win one of my books!

Genealogy Fashions: Is Your Ancestor’s Hat Back in Style?

Fashion is looking back not merely to the 1970s, but all the way to the 1920s and even 1880s, at least as far as hats are concerned.

Last Sunday’s New York Times fashion supplement featured advertisements showing old-fashioned-looking hats by designers Louis Vuitton and Donna Karan. Even the Bloomingdale’s ad featured a model in a vintage style hat.

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Flip-Pal – A coupon opportunity for you!

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Battle of Bull Run, 21st of July 1861

The Honorable Alfred Ely of Rochester, New York who served in the House of Representatives supported the Union effort in the Civil War and helped raise troops. He was at Bull Run on July 21, 1861, not as a soldier but as a spectator. Taken prisoner by Confederates on the scene, Ely spent six months at the infamous Libby prison at Richmond, Virginia. After his release he wrote the Journal of Alfred Ely, A Prisoner of War in Richmond.

Facial Comparison Software–Face-Off

Just in case you missed my Advanced Photo Identification lecture at the Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree, I’ll tell you about a brand-new software to help you compare photographs.  I like it so much, I’m promoting it.  It’s called Face-Off and it’s available from  It allows you to do side by side comparision of features and also has a morph feature that lays one picture over the other.  There will be a video on their website shortly that illustrates how it works. Facial comparision is based on biometrics which measures and analyzes facial features.

Live Roots

Do you use  I do.  This handy little search engine seeks the best matches on mega sites like and many others. There is also content unique to this site.  It’s well worth trying it out.

New Photo Reunion Site

There’s a new kid on the photo reunion block.  Thomas Allison’s aims to help folks reconnect with their “lost” family history–photographs and memorabilia.  He’s spent 37 years building a collection of photographs and a catalog of names and locations.

Thousands of researchers already use and, so try out this new site and see if you can find those missing family photos.  My fingers are crossed that I’ll finally find a few of my ancestors in one of these databases.

Weekend at the Museum–Be an Armchair Traveler

I love to travel, but can’t always hop on a plane and visit the places on my top ten lists of sites to see.  That’s why I love this website.  It’s a 360 degree panorama of Venice, Italy.  Need a quick getaway, then view this full-screen.  It’s beautiful.

By the way, if you enjoy panoramic photographs, take a look at the May/June issue of American Spirit, the Daughters of the American Revolution magazine.  I’ve written a short article on the topic and it has several illustrations.

Carnival of Genealogy–Swimsuits

Bathing Beauty c. 1900

I bought this tintype at a recent Boston area photo show.  Just imagine going to the beach in this outfit! She’s the epitome of modesty in a suit that covers her from the bathing hat on her head to the stockings on her legs. The presence of the “fake” rock and the beach scene in the painted backdrop suggest that she posed at a seaside studio.