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Consultation News

O.K. I’m nervous. Change is good, right? Well I hope so. In order to improve my customer service and answer photo consultation requests in a timely manner, I’m automating some of the client contact. I don’t want it to be impersonal. Anyone that uploads a photo will be directed to a page where they can sign up for a time slot. Here’s the good news. It’s cheaper than my per picture rate and you’ll be guaranteed time to chat with me about your pictures. You’ll even be able to request a recording of our conversation so you can listen to it later. We’ll both call into a conference line. It’s really easy!

For overseas clients, I’ll be using Skype as the contact point and investigating other web-based services.

My fingers are crossed that this will be an easy transition. I try to answer EVERY email that comes into my inbox…the problem is that often takes time. This should shorten the length of time between your email and my assessment of the photos.

When you receive the letter explaining the process, you’ll also see special discounts for consultations. Those in-person slots are currently for the New England Regional Conference in Springfield, Massachusetts April 7-10.

Queries and Answers: Photographic Value

A recent sale of photograph’s at Christie’s auction brought in 7.5 million dollars. The items sold included a set of Edward Curtis photos of American Indians. If you’ve ever wondered how much a photograph in your collection was worth here’s a few things to keep in mind. I’m not a photographic appraiser, but I’ve spent enough years as a curator and as a photo collector to have a general sense of value.

Was your image taken by a notable photographer?A gorgeous daguerreotype by Southworth & Hawes is worth more than a carte de visite taken by a local studio.

Is it unique?

What type of photo is it?

Who’s depicted? Is it a famous person?

What’s the subject of the photo? Anything seen as unusual costs more at photo shows.

Is it historically significant?

Before deciding to sell off part of your collection, keep in mind the sentimental value of your family photos. If you think you have an image that fits the criteria mentioned above contact a certified photographic appraiser. This article has a lot of good tips to follow and a list of what you should expect from an appraisal.