Free Monthly Ask Maureen Taylor Teleseminar – Tuesday, 7/19 1:00 – 1:30pm (et)

Hey Everyone!  My monthly teleseminar is coming up next week on Tuesday.  If you haven’t already attended one, they are a great way to get some quick answers to questions you may have for me.

The questions for next week have been chosen.  However, if you visit and submit a question for a future seminar, you can get the call-in info for this one.

Here are the questions for the 7/19 call:

1. Is it harder on your photos to scan or use a copier?

2. Are DVDs a good way to preserve photos?

3. What is the best way to digitize and share with siblings grandmother’s photograph and scrapbook albums?

4.would a food dehydrator work for drying photos,etc?

5. I have an early 1900 photo with subtle coloring  on the grass. I was told it is an applied water color. Is this possible?

6. what is a good way to store the negatives of photos

7. Can you use kitchen baggies for storage of photographs and family items?

8. Are those space bags (the ones that you use a vacuum cleaner with) good for storage?

9.Do you recommend using a special kind of cleaner on photos, such as is sold by companies that also sell acid & lignin free preservation/storage products?

10. What can I do with my old glass negatives?  Can I get an image from them.

11. I have begun to be very careful about displaying my photographs because I have noticed damage, especially from the cardboard placed behind the photographs that accompanies the frame. So, I have been using the foam from a local craft supplier that SAYS it is acid and lignin free, AND I have been putting tape along the back to seal out dust. Are these good ideas?

12. My question was how can I tell if 2 pictures I have that were taken years apart are the same person?

Hope to “see” you there!

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